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Strengths of our team at the National center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM)

Top-level treatment for colorectal cancer

All the treatment modalities are available including surgery, endoscopic treatment (EMR, ESD, etc.), radiotherapy, chemotherapy.

We can offer the whole range of surgical treatment involving laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery and pelvic exenteration depending on patients' condition and extent of disease.

Surgical management of high risk patients

As the proportion of elderly patients grow, there has been an increasing number of medically unfit patients in recent years. Our team can offer surgery to those high risk patients in collaboration with anaesthetists, theatre staff and ICU staff. At the NCGM we have top level medical practitioners covering all specialties, allowing us to deal quickly and effectively in the case of any complications during or after surgery.

Wide range of expertise

We deal not only with cancer but with other conditions involving the large bowel, small bowel and anus. We regularly provide emergency treatment to patients with critical conditions such as bowel obstruction, bowel perforation and peritonitis.

First-class diagnostics

High quality diagnostics is essential to perform appropriate (neither too much nor too little) surgery. Our team are all experts not only in surgery but in colonoscopy and other diagnostic modalities.

Multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT)

Our multidisciplinary team involves surgery, gastroenterology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology and radiology.

International activities

We rigorously engage in academic activities around the world, e.g. submitting papers to surgical journals and international meetings. We have also been conducting collaborative research with medical institutions in the US, UK and Australia.

We have a fellowship programme for foreign doctors..